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Knowledge is power. Reading provides knowledge.  Here are some of the more powerful books that I have enjoyed over the years.  Add to your collection and allow them to shape you in your own way.

Anatomy for Runners covers everything you need to know about how the human body works and training theory to reduce your risk of injury and allow you to be the best runner you can be. 

In 2007 Brain Training for Runners helped pave the way for some of today's mainstream concepts on running form and training.  If you're looking for knowledge on what to focus on when you're running and WHY to focus on it, start here.

An incredible,  journal-like following of the 1998 University of Colorado XC team by Chris Lear.  Runners will appreciate, and non-runners will be amazed with, the intimate look at an elite team in action, dealing with the stresses of training and the tests of life.

The story that catapulted the minimalist/barefoot running movement.  Author Christopher McDougall, motivated by his own struggles with injury, takes us on a journey that shows, with tremendous passion, the natural ability of the human body to run.



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